Saturday, August 10, 2013


Too personal to share but I'm happy to share these..

I'm currently using my Mulberry Alexa Bag (REPLICA)

Pictures above are what I usually have on my Bag :)

  • First is my Purity Cotton Pads (Belle)
I always have it for emergency used or to get the stained on my clothes or shoes, and if I want to remove my makeup.

  • Bench Hand Sanitizer (Strawberry)
I so love it because of  the Strawberry scent. I love strawberry!!

  • Mirror (Forever21)
I just love the double sided mirror with the word BEAUTY and roses printed in the front and of course my fave color. I JUST LOVE IT!

  • Head phones

  • SO IN LOVE (HerBench) Moisturizing Lotion
Speaking of lotion I will share later my current favorite lotion.

  • Sunglasses (SUPER)

  • Pocket Note and Pen (MyGel)
I bought them at PenHouse in Victoria Plaza.
Always bring pen on you. Pen is really important if you need to sign for something like receipt etc.
I always have that pink notepad for important things that I need to do or buy. something like that. Its my little organizer.

  • Cute folded Fan w/ pouch

  • Diary
 I always had my Diary (NOT literal Diary) It is my GUIDE book. I wrote everything what are the important thing to do and have, what I like and Reminders.

  • Card Holder (Michaela)
I usually put my Advantage card, ID's and Sometimes I use it as my wallet. Yah! I put some cash on it. lol

  • Tissue (Femme)

  • Makeup Kit (Japanese Character)
It was gift from my friend a year ago. I love it because it mini makeup kit!! 
Lipstick which is Matte MAC and My forever Favorite Christian Dior Beryl Rose 365
Lip gloss Maybeline, Betty Boop, Estee Lauder
NYX Blush Stick
Hair Brush
MAC Brush on the pouch

  • Candies and Snack
I'm on a Diet right now so I am really picky of my snacks. I got Quaker Oaties (Cookies) which I really love!! I'm a BIG fan of cookies. It taste really good :D I LOVE IT!
Skittles and SUGUS for my sweet tooth.
They are my life saver. hahaha ;)

As what I am saying I have this current favorite lotion which I really want to share because it is soooo lovely on my skin and smell very good. After you apply it, you immediately feel the smoothness/Baby skin feels and it has moisturizing which I really need!! hmmm.. It is Vaseline total moisture Cocoa glow :) Try it!! you probably love it!!

Hope you enjoy my Blog :)

Talk to you soon