Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I'm not living in the lap of luxury so I need to know whats the cheaper way, how to stay fit. Going in the gym is way more expensive than buying a treadmill. So here are some tip to stay fit. 

1. Start training.
Use your backyard to do your exercise and how about your room, living room or even your kitchen . well not enough space is not a problem. You can have a simple exercise in just 1m x 1m.

Sign up for a 5k race, a half marathon, or, if you’re really serious, a marathon. It will give you a reason to get outside and run—which is free! Even better—choose a race that donates it’s proceeds to charity and you will be running for a great cause. If you can’t afford the entry fee, reach out to friends and family for donations to help sponsor you. You will be getting in shape and spread good karma at the same time.

2. Watch workout DVDs or YouTube.
This trick may not be new, but it sure it a great bang for your buck. The best thing about a set of workout DVDs is once you buy them, you have basically invested in a 24-hour gym in your very own home. You might need to pick up a few free weights and a yoga mat, but it’s well worth it. 

Try watching Exercise from YouTube. You can check out Youtube workout videos for free.

3. Use your phone.
Never underestimate the power of a smart phone—they can do almost anything! While you may use yours primarily for texting, instagramming and emailing, you can actually download some apps that will help you to stay healthy too. Moves is an app that tracks your steps each day and lets you know how active you are. 

4. Make a challenge.
Starting up challenges within your office, group of friends, or family is a great way to keep you motivated to stay fit throughout the day. Go ahead and encourage your group to try a 30-day crunch challenge: on the first day, do 20 crunches at some point during your day, and increase the number of crunches by 5 every day until you are at 150 crunches on day 30. You will have toned abs before you know it.
Kick start a walking contest within your company and compete with departments to see who can walk the most over an entire month. Adding a little friendly competition into your fitness routine is a fun way to stay motivated and be active.
Challenge your family to play sports with you like Badminton, tennis, basketball etc.

5. Write it down.
Another trick that I’ve found helps me stay fit is putting my goals and achievements down on paper. When I have a big vacation or a special event coming up, I make a workout calendar and hang it up somewhere I see it every day. I mark a check for the days that I workout, which makes me want to get as many checks as possible. Some people also find it helpful to keep a food journal. Writing down everything you eat during the day can help to gain insight about the types of food you are eating and how much of it.

And don’t forget that taking advantage of the great outdoors is a great way to get moving without spending a dime. Go hiking, swimming, running or biking—or even taking a long walk with your girlfriend will help you to log in some exercise.

My favorite way to stay fit on a budget is popping in a workout DVD. What’s yours?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Healthy Change

I'm into healthy food diet right now. I'm sick of my BIG belly!! Like every people saw me assume I am pregnant because I have Bloated Belly which I'm not happy!! :( 

Last year I decided to go at the gym but unfortunately I'm not enjoying it. It is so expensive for me to go everyday at the gym and enroll for a month or a year. Very expensive!! because I'm still studying that time, I don't have enough money to buy gym clothes, shoes and of course my daily expense to go there. I understand loving the feeling you get after working out all those endorphins. But going there? Its the WORST! hahaha And the FACT that I'm not enjoying it.. I will never appreciate the GYM thing!! After a month I quit! I'm under depression that time because of my personal issue including my health (and that's another story) so I eat too much because I can only forget my problem by eating and drinking too much. I eat UNHEALTHY foods, drinking SODA, BEER and SMOKING!! After I over come my depression. I search for good stuff to do in my life. Like HEALTHY DIET, GUIDE, REMINDERS ETC. 

First I list down what's IMPORTANT THINGS that I need to cut out, things that I need to maintain, things that I need to CHANGE. Change is Essential so don't worry about it BUT it should be a GOOD CHANGE. I decided to get in shape for my whole life like this will be my lifestyle.

After a month of reading, researching, gathering my learnings in my BOOK. (yah! I have this book that I list down all things that I should always remember, if you see my previous Blog.) I told myself that I really need to change for a better and cut out my bad habit. So I decided to be a better person. :)

In my healthy Diet I do a workout at least twice a week BUT not really heavy workout. Walking, Push ups, and do your own chores is way of Discipline. Cut Out SODA, BEER and Partying. Yah! I totally STOP everything and you can save money by doing that. Always drink water every after 15 mins. Eat vegetables or healthy foods as possible. Sleep early and it should be minimum 8 hours of sleep.

Heres what Flat Belly Foods (what I usually have on my plate)

  1. Raspberries (as well as strawberries and blueberries) are packed with fiber, which keeps you feeling full longer (and--ahem--more regular). Plus they are packed with vitamin C, which is good for your immune system as well as your skin.

  2. Kale is a natural anti-inflammatory; it helps reduce bloat and it also revs up the metabolism because it is a flavoring. Eat up!

  3. Oatmeal maintains blood sugar levels so you don't crash and binge. Plus it's full of fiber so it will keep you satiated.

  4. Low-fat yogurt not only has calcium, but it is also a probiotic that fights fat storage and prevents bloat.

  5. Almonds are packed with healthy fats that reduce food cravings while building muscle. Consider almonds the ultimate power snack.

  6. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help bump up your metabolism so your body burns fat faster and more efficiently.

  7. Watermelon is--just as you expected--full of water (about 92% to be exact). It actually helps flush extra water from your system, which in turn reduces puffiness.

  8. Garlic is a magical thing. It helps reduce fat in the liver, it detoxifies and it lessens bloating. To maximize its benefits, take a few fresh slivers of garlic and sandwich them between two thinly sliced apple wedges and smear them with a little honey. Eat this before bed to reap all the benefits.

  9. Avocado is loaded with lots of healthy fats that burn fat while providing your body with energy.

  10. Quinoa is a magical whole grain that is packed with protein (11 grams for just a half cup) and fiber so it keeps you feeling full longer.

*I will make a Blog if theres a BIG progress on my Healthy change.

Talk to you soon!! :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Too personal to share but I'm happy to share these..

I'm currently using my Mulberry Alexa Bag (REPLICA)

Pictures above are what I usually have on my Bag :)

  • First is my Purity Cotton Pads (Belle)
I always have it for emergency used or to get the stained on my clothes or shoes, and if I want to remove my makeup.

  • Bench Hand Sanitizer (Strawberry)
I so love it because of  the Strawberry scent. I love strawberry!!

  • Mirror (Forever21)
I just love the double sided mirror with the word BEAUTY and roses printed in the front and of course my fave color. I JUST LOVE IT!

  • Head phones

  • SO IN LOVE (HerBench) Moisturizing Lotion
Speaking of lotion I will share later my current favorite lotion.

  • Sunglasses (SUPER)

  • Pocket Note and Pen (MyGel)
I bought them at PenHouse in Victoria Plaza.
Always bring pen on you. Pen is really important if you need to sign for something like receipt etc.
I always have that pink notepad for important things that I need to do or buy. something like that. Its my little organizer.

  • Cute folded Fan w/ pouch

  • Diary
 I always had my Diary (NOT literal Diary) It is my GUIDE book. I wrote everything what are the important thing to do and have, what I like and Reminders.

  • Card Holder (Michaela)
I usually put my Advantage card, ID's and Sometimes I use it as my wallet. Yah! I put some cash on it. lol

  • Tissue (Femme)

  • Makeup Kit (Japanese Character)
It was gift from my friend a year ago. I love it because it mini makeup kit!! 
Lipstick which is Matte MAC and My forever Favorite Christian Dior Beryl Rose 365
Lip gloss Maybeline, Betty Boop, Estee Lauder
NYX Blush Stick
Hair Brush
MAC Brush on the pouch

  • Candies and Snack
I'm on a Diet right now so I am really picky of my snacks. I got Quaker Oaties (Cookies) which I really love!! I'm a BIG fan of cookies. It taste really good :D I LOVE IT!
Skittles and SUGUS for my sweet tooth.
They are my life saver. hahaha ;)

As what I am saying I have this current favorite lotion which I really want to share because it is soooo lovely on my skin and smell very good. After you apply it, you immediately feel the smoothness/Baby skin feels and it has moisturizing which I really need!! hmmm.. It is Vaseline total moisture Cocoa glow :) Try it!! you probably love it!!

Hope you enjoy my Blog :)

Talk to you soon