Monday, July 22, 2013


I'm not really good in doing makeup and styling my hair. Haaay.. Goodness!! We have an INTERNET hahaha honestly research and watching YouTube really help me a lot. So here's the Link, Website and YouTubers on how to look Fantastic!!

First you should know what will be your look for that event/occasion. Mine is Lauren Conrad Makeup and Hair style :) so I did is search for Videos like: Basic Makeup Tutorial and Big Hair bun. (see links and Videos bellow)

Since I wanna do LC's Makeup what I did is search it on YouTube. :)

Tips: You don't need to buy expensive makeup as long as you have available product on you (Foundation, Concealer, Eye shadow..Etc.) or you can visit local store for some product that your comfortable to use. 
We have different shades of skin so no need to copy everything.  
You can use alternative makeup like for contour or bronzer you can use dark eye shadow.

For My Hair I want Big Hair Bun :)

Question: I have super THIN HAIR :/
Answer: Theres another way to look super BIG use Hair Donut.

Thank you so much for our dearest YouTubers!! You're all AMAZING!!! :) I'm satisfied with my look last Sturday. It was FUN Night at THE VIEW. 


Thanks Everyone ;)

Photos and Video: Lauren Conrad, Tanya Burr, Hair Bun with Donut, Hair Bun