Tuesday, December 10, 2013


HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas.. 

yay!! This is my favorite month of the year :) well.. ALL happens in just 1 month. YES! My Birthday, Christmas, giving gifts, parties and of course BIG SALE! lol I know it freaks you out when December is coming. This season is one of the MUST go to SHOPPING season hahaha SALE is coming everywhere BIG DISCOUNT and FREEBIES. Though we don't have Black Friday here in Philippines but we have a MIDNIGHT SALE NATIONWIDE every DECEMBER. So this is the time to get ready and go shopping..

I'm sharing my MUST HAVE this Christmas! 

1. First is this aztec print cardigan. I really wanted this since October but I cant find one here in Philippines. Though I can buy it through online but Im too scared to do that. I hate Expectation (I want to see it first), the shipping cost one dress (too expensive) lol and It takes a week to have it or worst it take forever to have it. Yah! there's too many reason why I hate online shopping, but in the other side you can always find a TRUST WORTHY Online shop that meet your satisfaction. :)

I found one similar to this at SM but It is just a normal cardigan but they have the same aztec print, sad to say I don't like the texture. I really want this style!! Long cardigan perfect for winter. If you wanted to buy, you can shop at Ebay, Polyvore and Loveitsomuch.

and I also wanted to have this Leather jacket

2. Im really obsess with sweater right now. Though I bought four sweaters last week but it wasn't enough. Yah! I splurge for sweaters and Im guilty about it. I cant help it because they're too comfy and a must have for this season.

I love the printed sweaters, You can find one at Forever21, Terranova and even in our Local store. What Im looking for is a Christmas sweater. Like this one..

Isn't that cute? grrr.. I want!! 


3. This third must have is what Im chasing for 5 years now --HYPNOSE LANCOME. This was a gift from special someone before. The first time I smell it I fell in love with this perfume. Until now I cant get over it. It really smell so good, its like you're living in the lap of luxury lol. My mom and I always ask our family friend who sell authentic perfume if they have Hypnose Lancome available but dont don't have this fragrance. I already Email Lancome PH where I can buy Hypnose Lancome here in Philippines and they respond immediately that the Lancome Hypnose is not available for the moment.

Theres still hope!! there are too many individual who sell authentic perfume here in Philippines. But sad to know they dont have Hypnose Lancome AS OF NOW. I think this will be forever in my wish list. :/ Still chasing..

4. Speaking of scents my current obsession are CANDLES. Yes! SCENTED CANDLES!! Who doesn't love if your house/room smells like cookies, season, sweets, foods etc. It makes you craaaaazy!! I first hear it on YouTube my fave YouTubers always talks about scented candles. Though its quite hard to find scented candles here in Philippines and its kinda unusual to always have a scented candle in our home because other refer to use air freshener. I just wanted to share how it makes me feel good, it helps me to sleep well, it brings positive vibes. I totally In love with it. I swear you'll love it too.

What I wanna have is Yankee Christmas cookie scent. Smell very delicious, perfect for Christmas but Yankee is not available in Philippines, as well as Bath and Body works. :/ Though you can still find individuals who sell scented candle mostly on Instagram.

Good thing we have Mainstays available here (you can find it on Handyman). I love Pumpkin spice! 

5. Shiseido Concealer -- gosh!! Mom and I totally freaks out when we first test it on our face and got home. The concealer lasts all day! it brightens your eye, it totally cover dark circle and acne. I am really amazed and you cant feel cakey. Two thumbs up for this!! yah! its in my wish list because it cost too much for me, for a tiny concealer? tsk! Impossible to splurge for this!! LOL But it is a must have..if you need concealer.

6. STUDDED BAG!! I know.. A very beautiful kind of bag, a studded one. I always wanted to collect bags but I get disappointed every time I keep them for so long because the bag always got flaws after a year. I think its the quality and the brand itself. I research about bags - if you wanted to have that bag forever you should buy an expensive one, you should know first the materials they used, you should know the different types of leathers and you should buy a bag from a brand that specialized bag. Though its gonna be a big splurge, but for sure it is going to be WORTH IT!!

I wanted to have a studded bag this year. I already told my auntie and my father about this brands.. lol I hope they'll give it to me before or after Christmas. #crossfingers 

Either one of these..
Alexander Wang - Rocco Duffel
Valentino - Rockstud

Its okay for me to have replica as long as it is a REAL leather and Europe copy.

7. BOOTS!! I wanted a pair of boots for so long. GOSH!! but still boots are rare in Philippines and quite expensive. Zzzz 

Of course the studded boots!! :)

Knee High Boots - Tory Burch

The Elegant Boots from Office to Night out party

The High End boots - Chanel

8. Concert Ticket - How I wish I can attend Moment of Clarity World Tour this Dec. 12, 2013 :( I am surely gonna missed it.. huhuhu Zedd

9.  Beach break - I need to have a break even for just 1 day. Too many problems that I've encounter this year. I just wanna have a stress free moment before another year of stress and problems 2014. 

But still Thankful that God guide me through out this year.
"People who encounter big problems, always get a huge blessings."

10. Birthday sweets - hahaha!! I wanna eat anything sweet on my Birthday :) I wanna have a pastries party lol. I always crave for sweets. yummyness! 


DREAM! WISH! There's NO impossible things if you really wanted it. 


Chechang with LOVE

Talk to you soon.

PS. Im gonna have a blog of my life during 2013. What happened to me, work, school, friends, family, problems, fashion etc. So stay tuned. Mwah!! see yah!