Monday, June 17, 2013

The Busy bee!

I miss reading Blogs of my fave Blogger and of course I  miss Blogging :/ So Busy for the past few weeks and will be busy, I think forever? LOL!! I'm so thankful that I have tons of work to do. YES! I'm certified BUSY BEE!! and I'm Loving it!! :) 

So BYE for now. Be back when I have time, My Gmail is always active you can leave a message if you have question or suggestion what to Read/Blog.

BTW!! I read about Fashion Style at the work. Tips how to Mix and Match and How to look good at your work! :)
Good Night and Enjoy Reading :* XO Chechanglove

Casual Work Attire. (Read Below)

For those of you who are lucky enough to enjoy a casual work environment thank your lucky stars! Generally speaking, casual dress code can be symbolic of a company's attitude toward its employees. In a way, it's a sign of respect and trust. Apple, Google, and Nike all have very casual, laidback dress codes. Formal dress doesn't always mean success. That is not to say, dressing like a slob is sanctioned casual work attire. Professionalism is still paramount. Make sure your ensembles are appropriate, modest, and always clean and put together. You should also take note of my General Work Attire Commandments as these still apply to you. 

The best thing about a casual dress code is almost anything goes (unless it conflicts with The Commandments, of course). While most people are forced to bury a bit of their style sense when they clock in each morning, you don't have to leave your personal style at home. More often than not, casual work wear involves wearing jeans on a daily basis. If this sounds like your work uniform, switch it up by wearing faux leather leggings or cropped pants. You will be surprised by how a simple swap can update your entire look. (Did I mention leggings are incredibly comfortable too?) 

Below are a few outfit ideas for all you casual work wear ladies to consider...

1. Laidback Lady:

the bottom line? Make sure you're fresh and put together each day. Your casual work attire will differ based on the type of work you do. Adjust accordingly. If you're on your feet all day, wear comfortable shoes. Ballet flats, low-rise wedges, boots, penny loafers, and oxfords are all excellent options. Just be sure to mix it up and avoid getting stuck in a shoe rut. Wearing the same shoes everyday will actually make those tootsies hurt even more. If your job involves some level of manual labor, wear lightweight cotton pieces that are easy to move in (and okay to get a little dirty). And if you're still unsure about what to wear, check out what the next highest female at your company is wearing and take a cue from her. Needless to say, at the end of the day clothes come off and what really matters are the accomplishments we have to show for ourselves. 

P.S Many of you work in the medical field where you are required to wear scrubs. Since you have to wear scrubs, focus on your accessories and your beauty routine. Try out fun hairstyles, new nail polish colors, and interesting pieces of jewelry. So look on the bright side–instead of splurging on work clothes, you will probably have extra pocket change to spend on your non-work wardrobe (lucky you)!